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Experimental Letterpress

Graven Feather

Experimental Letterpress


If you've tried letterpress and are looking for more time to experiment this is the session for you!

A great opportunity to get 4 hour access to our printing equipment and collection of wood and metal type. 

Additionally feel free to bring along mounted lino, photopolymer plates and any vintage type you want to try out. 

Provided: Our collection of type and graphics as well as assorted rubber and oil based inks.

Please bring: All newsprint and printing paper required for your project. 

Limited to 2 participants per session. 


  • Golding Tabletop Press, 8x12"
  • Lin-o-scribe Sign Press, 10x13"
  • Kelsey Excelsior Press, 3 x5"
  • Box Car Base for Photopolymer Plates, 6x9" 

Prerequisite // Intro to Letterpress or equivalent experience.

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