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Lydia Nieuwenkamp & Gillian Wilson

March 3rd to March 30th,
Reception: Saturday March 3rd, 2-6pm

Graven feather toronot art gallery studio workshops

Gillian Wilson was born in Toronto and spent her teenage years in Moscow. Her recent screen prints are colourful and pleasing, containing many of the elements common to Eastern folk art and paper-cutting traditions. Solid, simple and bright shapes and patterns illuminate a series of well-known characters on white backgrounds. In this case, however, the traditional stories have been replaced by a more popular, modern fairytale in the signs of the Zodiac.

Wilson’s images work well alongside Lydia Nieuwenkamp’s prints of old dilapidated houses. Using drawing and traditional techniques of lithography, lino-cut and etching, Nieuwenkamp’s pieces are clean, contemporary, and beautifully accessible. With an emphasis on bold contours and lines, the work references topographical map imagery, and evokes ideas of textiles, string and traditional embroidery. Together, the artists offer a stunning collection.

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