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Nadia Gurkova
My Peace

September 3-27th 2015
Reception: Thursday September 3rd 2015, 7-9pm


Graven Feather Toronto Art Gallery Studio Workshops

Originally from Siberia, Russia, Nadia Gurkova’s oil paintings exhibit some of the classical Russian tendency towards soft, lush blends of colour and deep romantic vistas. However, bringing her work into a more contemporary frame, Gurkova’s latest interactive art series “My Peace” engages viewers in a dialogue around the role of art in a healing setting. Along with a bright cheery palatte, her paintings of landscapes and floral collections communicate compelling feelings of serenity and an uplifting spirit.

“Within each of us I believe there is a special place of peace and happiness. What would happen if we shared these places with each other? Could they fashion a shield to protect us from the invasive stresses of today’s life? “My Peace” invites you to explore paintings of these special places and share your own, so that I may expand this landscape series in hopes of inspiring others to find peace and happiness within themselves.

There are two components to this series – paintings of my own serene places, and also those of others who shared their thoughts and experiences with me, which later found their way onto a canvas. Some quotes are displayed along with the paintings to give the viewer more enhanced and balanced experience.”

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