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Laura Clayton

September 5th-28th, 2013
Reception: Thursday September 26th 2013, 7-9pm


Graven feather Toronto art gallery studio Workshops

'THE DOT SHOW' is a body of work exploring obsessive tendencies and the concept of Horror Vacui. The work is the result of an organic yet tediously calculated drawing process. Thousands of dots, varying in colour and size, are playfully clustered together to create both abstract and realized shapes.

At first glance, the abundance of dots creates a seemingly uniform field of marks. Upon closer investigation the multi-coloured field is overwhelming and hypnotic, evoking feelings of disorientation and grandeur. The distribution of the dots within the drawing stands as a record of time and the result of the organic nature of the process.

My art practice is largely based in experimentation and exploration. This body of work contains pen or marker drawings on paper. The process of this work acts as a catalyst to engage and invite the viewer into all of the small intimate spaces that develop. It highlights my interest in small detail and obsessive work. -Laura Clayton

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