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Kari Minchin
In Between: A visual journey from Toronto to Vancouver Island

December 1st - 31st 2011


Graven Feather Toronto Art Gallery Studio Workshops


I traveled across Canada recently on a road trip from Toronto to Vancouver Island. This new body of work came out of that experience and how it made me re-examine space and the connections that bind it along the way.

I grew up beneath the shade of British Columbia's rain forests in the Comox Valley and moved away to Toronto to establish my career as an artist. The influence of living in such different surroundings is an underlying theme of many of my paintings. And in this series of work I examine the distinct and different areas of this country, showing how similar they are and revealing how it is community that fundamentally holds the link that connects us all.

I have chosen to interpret this exploration of space and connection though colour, brushstrokes, line, and movement. I have painted triptychs, so that these paintings can either be interchangeable, or separated - allowing them to tie the environment they live in together.

I grew up in the Comox Valley, on Vancouver Island, but also lived in the Queen Charlotte Islands and now living here in Toronto for almost 16 years. I am a graduate from the Central Technical Arts Program in Toronto, where I was taught the classical ways of art. I have exhibited throughout Toronto and British Columbia.

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