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Jing He

April 2nd - 25th
Reception: Thursday April 2nd 7:30-9:30pm  


Graven Feather Toronto Art Gallery Studio Workshops

In this latest body of work, a departure from earlier abstract exploration, artist Jing He poses questions around the reliability of perception and the dichotomy between public and private truths. In conversation, she speaks about the use of bright colours, and a desire to destabilize the act of seeing.

"The pinks and yellows may have cheerful associations, but my ideas are not. They (the colours) are so strong, to look at them for any length of time starts to hurt your eyes. In that way there is a clash against accepted knowledge, forcing the viewer to question their understanding of the world. We are taught to accept everything in the textbook and to understand the world in a certain way, but there is so much more."

Drawing on personal experience and an intuitive use of materials, this exhibition by the recent York University graduate showcases paintings and drawings completed between 2013 and 2015. The subject matter is obscure but relates often to a self-reflective female figure.

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