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November 1st -30th, 2013
Reception: Thursday November 7th, 7-10pm

Graven Feather Toronto Art gallery studio workshops

In the spirit of democratic and accessible art-making and experience, Graven Feather Studio & Gallery will be hosting the work of more than one hundred artists through the month of November. In the 1st annual exhibition of IN THE ROUND, artists will be showcasing multiple pieces of art on small 4-inch circular supports provided for this fun and innovative group show. Come and see this beautiful collection of small rounds!

Responding to a country-wide call-out, each artist was given carte blanche on 6 small disks, with the only caveat being that they respect the dimensions of the circle. Un-juried and without limits on materials or theme--the result is an extensive constellation of varied and exquisitely produced circular art.

Participating Artists:

Adrienne Marcus RajaAndrea ZadroAnna Gaby-TrotzAlana McLeod, Alayna Hryclik, Amanda Boulos, Amy Edkins, Arianne Shaffer, Barbara Bucknell, Briar Murawski, Candice Craig, Carolyn EadyCasey WatsonCat Bluemke, Catherine Cachia, Chelsea Bellrose, Christine PensaChristopher Hayes, Cindy Talbot, Corinne Parzanese, Dana Ayotte, Daniel Gold, David Abraham, Deion Green, Denise SmithDoris Purchase ,Ele Willoughby, Emily Cook, Erika SchulzErin Candela, Ethan Hanzel, Guy Parrotta, Gillian WilsonHolly Wheatcroft, Jacquie Mames, Jahnine Farquharson, Jessica Brooke AndersonJessica Caissie, Jim Kroesen, Jo Ann Haynes, Joanna SevillaJoefrey Anthony, Karin Eglinton, Katerina Pravdivaia, Kimberly Kukoraitis, Kimber Kunimoto, Kirsty M Burgum, Ko Hosoya, l.t. doughertyLarissa HauckLaura Clayton, Lesley Savoie, Letitia Shaffaf , Leanne Shea Rhem, Lorraine Thomson, Lydia NieuwenkampMadelaine Lyons Cooper, Mallory E. L. Smtih, Margaret Cassidy, Marianna Sciortino, Martina Edmondson, Mary Lyons, Matthew Rooney, Maureen Da Silva, Melissa Mihalovic, Michelle Kuan, Michael Trozzolo, Mike Pereira, Miranda McGuireMonika Hauck, Morgan Free, Nadine Maher, Nancy Kravalis, Nicole Charlton, Nicole Little, Paige Connell, Pam Lobb, Pamela McBurney, Patricia Whittingham, Parkdale Community HealthRachel KatRawaa Bakhsh, Rebekah Zantingh, Rene Vandenbrink, Sandra Civitarese, Sandra Todd, Sarah Cordeaux, Sarah Di Paola, Sarah Gaby-Trotz, Sarah Sands Phillips, Sean Grounds, Sheila Brosnan, Tamar Swartz, Toko HosoyaVanessa Pesch, Victoria Day, Wendy Lisa NicholYa Wen Chien

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