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Holly Wheatcroft
Pastoral Concert

June 6th - June 27th, 2013
Reception: Thursday June 13th, 8 pm


Graven Feather Toronto Art Gallery Studio Workshops

A poetic way to describe a country picnic, the Pastoral Concert is a reflection of a state of mind where arcadian harmony and balance is expressed through the visible and invisible, such as reality and imagination. In her most recent body of work, the artist discusses how the themes of wonder, memory, desire and the power of the unexpected help transcend boundaries in the search for new levels of awareness.

Holly Wheatcroft studied art history at the University of Toronto before becoming a practicing artist. Primarily working in sculpture, her work ranges from large-scale public kinetic installations to tactile intimate pieces. The artist currently lives and works in Toronto, teaches at OCAD University, and serves on the Toronto Public Art Commission as well as various artist collectives. The artist’s most recent work will be on view at Graven Feather in Toronto for the month of June.

To celebrate the opening of Pastoral Concert, Arianne Shaffer and Graven Feather presented a storytelling event with three of Toronto's finest tellers. Stephen Sloot, Simon Borer, and Megan Griffith Greene regaled gallery goers with true tales of hidden treasures.

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