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Erin Candela
Empty House

May 3rd - 26th 2012
Reception & Storytelling Event: Thursday May 3rd, 7:30-9:30PM


Erin Candela Graven Feather Toronto Art Gallery Studio Workshops


The paintings and drawings of Empty House invite the viewer to consider ideas of memory, nostalgia, home and the structures left empty by those who leave. 

Spring fever, wanderlust, springtime nostalgia...the season is changing and as many of us are getting restless/energized touching down to hear tales of HOME seems like just the right thing to do. 

This evening will feature some of Toronto's best storytellers! Set to the backdrop of Erin Candela's impressive new show, Empty House, prepare to be regaled with tales of home and place and all the spaces in between. Hosted by Arianne Shaffer.

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