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Ebonnie Hollenbeck
Into Your Hideout

July 5th - 28th 2012
Reception: Thursday July 5th, 6-8PM


Ebonnie Hollenbeck Graven Feather Toronto Art Gallery Studio Workshops



"Apart from capturing the portraits and characteristics of natural creatures I have chosen to bring attention to elements of our environment. Twigs, pine needles and cones, paper, bottles, discarded window frames and feathers are all materials for which I have hunted down in order to combine and produce found-object sculptures that speak to the combinations of science and nature from a biology standpoint. The inspiration and influence for those works stems from how the study of biology has led to the construction and cultivation of natural environments within greenhouses. In addition, my work within the gallery to paint gestural tree silhouettes on the walls is a way in which I place each artistic piece, and viewer, within a constructed natural environment." -Ebonnie Hollenbeck
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