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Pam Lobb | Director & Co-founder

Owner and director of Graven Feather, Pam is the go to person for exhibition programming, community outreach and project development. Both a textile artist and printmaker in her personal practice she brings the collaborative nature of print shops to both the studio and gallery. Always on the lookout for new project partnerships feel free to say hello and ask her questions.


Erin Candela | Contributing Artist and Co-founder 

Talented illustrator and relief printmaker, Erin was also the co-director of Graven Feather from 2011-2015. You'll still find her leading our lino workshops and contributing her designs to all our key projects. Keep your eyes on her personal artwork as she explores ceramics and new techniques in her personal practice. 


Jessica Bartram | Co-Founder

As one of the founding members of Graven Feather, Jessica has both shaped our brand and overall aesthetic.  Since venturing into illustration full time in 2013 she has been a constant presence at Graven Feather with contributions to various projects and her masterful design skills.







Alexis Venerus | Promotion Consultant

Alexis is a fibre artist and graduate from the Fashion Program at Ryerson University. When not working on reclaimed textile sculptures she works at Opelle Creative and as our promotion consultant. Her sense of design can now be seen at Graven Feather both in gallery and online.


Brianna Hoy | Youth Program Coordinator 

 A long time volunteer at Graven Feather, Brianna is  now on board through an internship for the Creative  Industries Program at Ryerson University. She will be  leading our 2016 Youth Residency Program this  summer and spear heading some exciting initiatives  for our group exhibition In The Round. 


Patricia Martin | Co-op Student

For the spring semester we have the pleasure of working with this talented young lady! A master of sign design and social media, Patricia has also become a studio assistant and workshop leader.




Carolyn Eady |Workshop Facilitator

Natalie Draz |Workshop Facilitator

Jay Holz | Workshop Facilitator












 Thanks to the following people for being part of making Graven Feather what it is:

  • Hannah Simpkin, Volunteer
  • Erica Mason, Social Media Volunteer
  • Evelyn Chin, Volunteer    
  • Paul Mason, Sheridan Intern and Lead Designer for In the Round branding
  • Paula Huisman, Administrative Assistant
  • Julie Pasila, Volunteer Photographer
  • Rowan Goodfellow, Co-op Student Fall 2015


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