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CHROMETAPHORS  Group Exhibition

February 5th to 28th, 2015
Reception: Friday February 6th 2015, 7-9pm


Graven Feather Toronto Art Gallery Studio Workshops Ghrometaphors


Participating Artists:
Maaike Bouhuyzen-Wenger, Nicole Cultraro, Maureen Da Silva, Kim Dayman, Shannon Moynagh. The exhibition will also feature a highlight from the work created by the Scarborough Museum Youth Volunteer Collective during the spring of 2014.


"We as artists have the urge to translate and transcribe the world around us by creating art objects, drawn to the tactile experiences of craft that seem to yield a deeper understanding of one’s own existence. As a printmaker, due to the inherent flatness of the printed image, one must often rely on the use of colour to forge a dynamic composition, create illusory space, and as a vehicle of personal expression. A printmaker successfully attains the ability to use colour as an element in art when they are able to orchestrate masterful colour relationships and optical arrangements that trigger a physiological response from viewers, employ the evocative natureof colour as metaphor which solicits an emotive response from observers, or by conducting and exploring the chemical structure and behavior of pigments in order to make manifest the ephemeral existence of hue by physically manipulating it’s corporeal presence as ink on

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