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Bees (& the Birds) 
Group Exhibition

BEES (& the Birds) is a salon style art show featuring 38 artists to raise funds and awareness for our bee friends.

Each of the artists participating in the show want to make a difference and help the bees. The works are bee inspired pieces that explore the role of this alchemist insect in our world.

These artists felt their work could play a big role in raising awareness and money - offering solutions for individuals - for our community - and for our world.

That's why 10% of all show proceeds - including sales - will go to the David Suzuki Foundation's efforts to save the bees.

Organized by artist Christine Pensa (Art That Moves) and Graven Feather the show features painting, prints, drawings, and photographs on the theme or bees and other pollinators.

Graven Feather Art Gallery Studio Toronto DIY Workshops

View the Artist Look Book here

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