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Amy Rogers
These Constellations

February 3-28th 2016
Reception: Thursday February 4th 2016, 7-9pm


Amy Rogers These Constellations Graven Feather Toronto Art Gallery Studio Workshops

Amy Rogers brings to light her explorations in female identity and technique in her exhibition These Constellations, where hand-worked photographs and embroidered pieces are displayed. The show is up at Graven Feather February 3rd to 28th, with a reception for the artist this Thursday, February 4th 7-9 pm. Many of them part of a series on dark skies, Rogers' works reveal upon closer inspection a collection of female forms, stitched and pierced, joined one place to another here to there, the pricks of light and line forming new constellations among the stars.

Playing with ideas of destiny, time, the search for discovery and The Ideal her bodies are metaphors for women's lives: "These works, these metaphors, are part of a continuing search and refinement of my constellation, of our constellations....reminding us to create and use as a guide the role models we are destined to have. " Amy Rogers

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