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Wish You Were Here Postcards

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This series of 6 postcards was hand printed and bound in the Graven Feather studio. We based the series off of a collaboration with the William Lyon Mackenzie House; using a combination of their 1830's- 1850's image blocks and our presses from the 1950's. 

William Lyon Mackenzie was the first mayor in the city of Toronto. He was a politician with a radical mind. Using his home as a base he ran a newspaper and used this as a means to help in leading the 1837 Upper Canadian Rebellion,

Now, the Mackenzie house is one of Toronto's historic museums which gives a feeling of being sent back to a time when Mackenzie would have lived in the home. 

Each postcard in the series is representative of a place Toronto that we love. The Lakeshore, the Beaches, High Park, Harbourfront, Allen Gardens, and St. Lawrence Market. 

6 unique postcards printed on
4" x 6" Heavy cardstock
Blank backs marked for address and postage

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