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Round and Round and IN THE ROUND!

Hello All!

To those of you who have been long standing members of the Graven Feather community, you might know what summer means to us. It is a time for art crawls, sitting in Trinity Bellwoods and looking out for a white squirrel (or eating an ice cream from White Squirrel) and being surrounded by trees who beg to be painted, branches heavy with leaves. Yes, to us summer means all of those things, but it also means something else: The start of In The Round (ITR). 

Graven Feather Toronto art gallery studio DIY workshop space
Last year's reception of ITR photo courtesy of Andre Kan.

Although the tradition of ITR has been going on for four years each year has brought about a little change. The first year we had 100 artists who each created six pieces on 4" coasters. Year two meant 5" discs created upon by 150 artists. Then last year, in our third year we had 150 participating artists who created three pieces each and our walls were covered in 6" birch rounds. Now in our fourth year we are keeping the rounds the same but introducing a new element.

This year we are going to be introducing awards to the show. We want to applaud the artists who participate in this show. So we are introducing a series of awards which will be presented on the reception night for the show. The awards to be presented are:

People's choice award: An award which will be given out to the artist who receives the most votes in a ballot box which will be open during the reception. 

Most Innovative: This award is given to the artists who is the most inventive with using their materials, come up with an original way of presenting their art to modify the original circle.

Best use of Colour: An award which will be presented to the artist who demonstrates a thorough understanding of colour theory and uses colour to affect, mood, intention and overall feel of their pieces. 

Most Narrative: An award that is going to be presented to the artist whose work is best able to communicate a story through their three rounds. 

So to all of you who have participated in ITR before we invite you to join us again this year and to all of you who haven't this is a time to be a small part of something larger. Registration and sign up for In The Round is available through our calls for entry page as well as in studio. So come by, say hi and pick up an In The Round pack!

To get you brain storming here are some images of notable ITRs from last year:

Victoria Day Ericka Schulz Rachel Dodgson
Elizabeth Barrette Graven Feather Toronto art gallery studio diy workshops in the round
Josephine Norman
Elizabeth Barrette Sari Richter
Aleena Zaidi Kathleen Watt Laura Biggs


The drop off deadline for submitting is Saturday October 29th 12-6pm.

In The Round will be on display November 2nd-27th 2016. The reception will be on Thursday November 3rd 7-9pm.  

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