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Hello all!

Graven Feather has spent our past (and first) five years working to dissolve the boundaries that exist between artist, gallery and community. With a flexible workspace we have welcomed many people to explore and participate in on going exhibits, artist residencies and workshops. Since I have been working as a member of the Graven Feather team I have met so many of the artists who and whose work passes through our door. It has been a really enriching experience to get to talk with our artists one on one about their bodies of work, philosophies and work processes. I have also participated in some of the workshops, which are taught by guest artists and instructors. These people as well as the class participants all come with their own ideas, stories and insights.

 I want to thank the Graven Feather community for all of the interesting things that they have shared with me so far. So it is in the same spirit of sharing that I will be releasing an artist interview to be the first in a new series. With this I am looking forward to meeting our ever-growing community as I interview and learn from the very people who make Graven Feather as great as it is. Here is to five years and many more!


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