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Danielle Cole's Mad Libb

Danielle Cole is a collage artist. Her current subject matter: birds flying on fish, birds sitting on fine chairs and birds amongst fine art. To celebrate her collage of images I asked Danielle to fill out this mad lib (a collage with words if you would) about her show.

Clipped Wings is on exhibit now at Graven Feather until October 3rd. Here is what Danielle had to say:

Colour: Avocado Green
City: Narnia
Adjective: Enigmatic
Species: Flamingos
Type of chair: Eames
Magazine: High Fructose
Species: Cockatoo
Emotion: Delightfull
Adjective: Tiny
Species: Fife Canary
Object: Scissors
Bird sound: Twitter


Danielle Cole Collage artist Toronto Graven Feather Art Gallery studio diy workshops

Glen is a Stranger in a Strange Land


It was the start of a new adventure. Glen longed to explore new lands, his heart burned with adventure and the stories he had heard. One day an avocado green bird had flown through his town singing songs of city birds. He glued together a picture for Samuel of Narnia where birds lived enigmatically. Samuel was tired of the mountains he could not fly over. He wanted to live like the flamingos who perched on Eames chairs. So Glen met with his friend Owen who was also growing weary of these frontier towns and they would flip through High Fructose thinking of adventure. They knew a trip to Narnia would be expensive so they each had to contribute. Owen found a cockatoo who was willing to trade a tent for his harvest golden light fixtures, so he made the trade delightfully. Glen was able to sell his 1976 card table and his record player for a lobster ride into town and a bowl of fruit. The two felt victorious!

Danielle Cole Collage artist Toronto Graven Feather Art Gallery studio diy workshops

Still Life with Harvest Gold Light Fixtures


When they arrived in the city everything seemed to sparkle. The houses were tiny. A pretty fife canary past the boys and wiggling her feathers invited them over. She could tell they were from out of town and needed some style therapy. She had come from old money and her home was filled with paintings by Mondrian, chandeliers and scissors. They began discussing how they had lived differently than the city birds whom she described as simply “bored rich”. They all twittered with laughter. They were glad they had chased their bohemian dreams, in this city of shiny objects it felt like anything could happen.

Danielle Cole Collage artist Graven feather Toronto

Style Therapy


All photos are courtesy of Danielle's website.





















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