July 31 - August 30th 2014

Reception: Thursday August 7th 7-9pm

The Rainbow Volcano Explosion is a multi-disciplinary exhibit featuring work by twelve artists:

Dana Ayotte, Alex Maeve Campbell, Erin Candela,
Scott Easson, Hannah Epstein, Julie Gladstone,
Catherine Hunt, Karen Loomer, Ursula McDonnell,
Guy Parrotta, Holly Wheatcroft and Leanne Unrue.

Curated by artist and Co-director of Graven Feather Erin Candela, the exhibit brings together disparate artistic practices around the collective use of colour and energy.
From luminously glowing paintings by Julie Gladstone and Ursula McDonnell to a textured hooked-rug canvas by Hannah Epstein a wide range of material and style is evident. "While coming from very different perspectives, each of these artists demonstrate an energetic use of colour, material or gesture in their work. " says Candela. Against the white of the gallery walls the artworks pop and explode, immersing visitors in a riot of swirling shades and strokes. As the title suggests fun and play are also important themes in the collection; a reminder perhaps not to take the art world too seriously. The Rainbow Volcano Explosion opens July 31st, 2014 and runs until August 30th, 2014. A reception will be held August 7th from 7- 9pm, to which everyone is welcome.