Graven Feather's Residency Exhibition
October 2nd - November 1st, 2014
Reception: Thursday Oct 2nd 7-9pm

Dave Sheppard, Maureen Da Silva, Arianne Shaffer & Cat Bluemke

Graven Feather is delighted to present an exhibition of new work developed and produced on site during it's Artist Residency program. Emerging artist's Dave Sheppard, Arianne Shaffer, Maureen Da Silva and Cat Bluemke each visited and worked independently at Graven Feather over a period of 4 weeks during the winter and spring of 2014, using equipment in studio and frequently incorporating the use or integration of printmaking techniques and ideas into existing and familiar media.

About the artists:

Dave Sheppard

Arianne Shaffer

Maureen Da Silva

Cat Bluemke